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Actual News
Every day we buy fresh flowers from Dutch stock for you, we take care of selecting suppliers, compare quality and price, and therefore in our shop you can only buy the best quality flowers at reasonable prices. You can be sure that the flowers and bouquets will please your loved ones for a llong time.

Hello and welcome to our new online flower shop. Since we continually try to improve our services, we have innovated not only our design, but we also offer many new benefits and greater convenience for your purchases. Be charmed by the beauty of flowers and please your loved ones. We believe that you will further enjoy your shopping in our online shop.

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Terms and conditions

Before ordering please read carefully through the Terms and Conditions. Contractual relationship is subject to these conditions. By sending your order you agree with these conditions.

1. Supplier contact

La Florista s.r.o.

Karolinská 650/1
186 00 Praha 8
IČ: 27458083
DIČ: CZ 27458083

Phone: +420 222 322 388
Fax: +420 222 322 389
E-mail: info@laflorista.cz
Web: www.laflorista.cz


2. Basic Provisions

The terms and conditions stated below are an inseparable part of all orders and contracts (signed between the customer and the supplier) treating the subject of cut fresh flowers, potted flowers, artificial flowers or dried flowers and gifts. The order serves as a draft of the purchase contract. The purchase contract is actually created when the ordered goods are paid for by the customer. The contract is fullfilled when the goods are delivered to the recipient.

3. Prices

  • Goods
    Prices stated on this website include VAT. After signing the contract, the price is fixed and binding for both sides.
  • Transportation
    Delivery of goods within the area of Prague is 150,- CZK, elsewhere in the Czech Republic 300,- CZK including VAT, while the first trip is automatically added to the total price of the ordered goods as stated in the order submitted by the customer. The return trip, in case of an unsuccessful delivery attempt, is also charged by delivery price. For second attempt of delivery is therefore charged double price. This price has to be paid prior to the second delivery.

The first delivery attempt in Prague is free if the price of the flowers exceeds 1600,- CZK!

4. Ordering

Orders are accepted:

  • via internet shop – placing the item into the shopping cart and filling out the form; this is then automatically sent to our ordering center where your order is handled
  • via phone
  • via fax – print out our order form
  • via e-mail sent to the supplier’s address
  • in written form or in person at the supplier’s address

Orders are managed:

  • weekdays 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Orders must include:

  • type of goods
  • date of delivery (day, hour)
  • place of delivery: name, address, recipient‘s phone number
  • identification of customer: name, address, phone number or e-mail

The supplier reserves a right to verify the order by phone. The order is binding for both parties and it is considered fullfilled by the goods and services being paid for. In case of partial payment, the amount is set by the supplier. In case the order has not been paid for on-line or no proof of payment has been otherwise submitted, we would like to point out that the order will be back-tracked and its validity verified before the actual delivery. Orders without a phone or e-mail contact shall not be accepted.

5. Cancellation

The customer may cancel the order at least 24 hours before the delivery, i.e. via e-mail or via fax. In case the order has already been paid for, the supplier will refund money to the customer.

The fee charged for this transaction is if cancelled:

48 and more hours prior to delivery time - 20% of total price, but at least CZK 200,-
24 - 48 and more hours prior to delivery time - 50% of total price, but at least CZK 500,-
Less than 24 hours prior to delivery time - 100% of total price.

6. Delivered Goods

Due to the assortment quality, it is possible that the delivered goods may not look exactly as photographs on our website, due to seasonal conditions (some kinds of flowers change with seasons) and the time of delivery required by the customer. In such cases, the supplier is permitted to replace individual flowers by another kind; other delivered items may be possibly replaced by goods of similar appearance, of the same kind, and of the same or higher quality. This is done in a way to achieve the highest perfection and resemblance possible. Nevertheless, the supplier always tries to eliminate such alterations.

7. Payment

After filling out the ordering form, you can select the most suitable form of payment.

  • On-line Payment by Credit Card

Using your bank card is secured by the most modern and the safest payment system provided by the bank card associations Master Card and VISA, which is called 3D Secure. The supplier does not have access to your bank card information. You give your bank card information (its number, date of expiry and CVV/CVC) directly to the bank. This eliminates any possibility of your card being misused. Before proceeding with the on-line payment, please make sure with your bank that your card is suitable for this kind of payment.

We accept these cards: VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, MasterCard Electronic.

  • Bank Transfer

For regular customers and businesses, after previous agreement


Company name and contact:

La Florista s.r.o.
Raiffeisenbank a.s., Olbrachtova 9,
140 21 Praha 4, Česká republika

account number:







invoice number (companies), order number (individuals)

Please send the transfer record via fax or e-mail to the supplier’s address (number). In case of international money transfer the customer has to pay all bank fees (OUR). Othervise the amount of bank fee money will be deducted from the flower (the bouquet will be smaller)
Payment by a Credit Card at the Shop

  • Payment in Cash

Exceptionally, after previous agreement.

  • Invoice (for registered business customers only)

Issuing an invoice with a postponed due date is possible only for registered business customers. Issuing an invoice is conditioned by filling up an order. If not agreed on otherwise by the supplier and the customer, the due date of the invoice for the concerned goods and services is 14 days after receiving the order. The invoice is considered cleared on the day the cost of the order appears in the supplier’s account. Click here to see the instructions. We recommend regular customers use the long-term customer benefits.

8. Delivery Terms

Standard Delivery
The date of delivery conforms to the order. If not stated otherwise, we will deliver the flowers upon receiving the order:

In Prague:

  • Order received before 3 p.m. – delivery on the same day
  • Order recieved after 3 p.m. – delivery on the following weekday

Express Delivery
Orders are usually managed within 3 hours after reception. In case we are not able to manage your order in time, you shall be immediately informed.

Outside Prague within Czech Republic:
On weekdays within 24 hours after receiving the order. Orderes received after noon the day before non working day or on weekends or holidays will be managed the first following working day.

On the handover of flowers or other goods, the recipient signs a handing document, thus stating that he/she approves of the look, quality and volume of the delivered goods, particularly in case of fresh flowers.

The supplier is not responsible for a delay of the delivery to the recipient for reasons such as inaccurate orders (e.g. incorrect or non-existent name or address of the recipient, wrong credit card number etc.) or absence of the recipient at the address stated in the order.

In case of recipient‘s absence, the supplier may leave the goods with a substitute recipient (e.g. with colleagues at work or neighbours). Otherwise, the supplier shall leave the flowers at an alternate place and inform the recipient of the placement of the flowers. If neither of the above options is possible, the supplier shall report to the customer and try to deliver the goods the next weekday (weekday following the first delivery attempt).

In such cases, the customer commits to cover the costs of the return trip and of the second delivery attempt. Even if the recipient does not receive the goods on the second attempt, the goods are considered delivered. In case of a second unsuccesful delivery attempt, the supplier is allowed to devalue the goods. Before doing so, the supplier committs to inform the customer about this fact.

The supplier is not responsible for delay of delivery due to strikes, natural forces and other circumstances beyond their control.

9. Complaints/Returns

The supplier commits to make every effort possible to deliver the goods in the time required and in perfect shape. Due to the assortment character, complaints of the quality and volume of delivered goods is only possible on the delivery handover. In case of justified returns, the recipient has a right to a replacement of the goods, to a discount, or to contract cancellation. Complaints can be filed via phone, e-mail or in person at our address.

10. Personal Data Security

Personal data of both the customer and the recipient are managed according to the Czech Republic legislation and they shall not be given to any other person. They are only used to process orders and in our internal data system. By registering in our internet shop, you agree with such treatment of your personal data. The recipient is not informed about the sender unless the sender particularly states it, by adding a personal message to the card.

By realizing the order, the customer agrees with the above stated conditions.

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Karolinská 650 / 1
Praha 8 - Karlín

Tel.: +420 222 322 388
E-mail: info@laflorista.cz

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