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Actual News
Every day we buy fresh flowers from Dutch stock for you, we take care of selecting suppliers, compare quality and price, and therefore in our shop you can only buy the best quality flowers at reasonable prices. You can be sure that the flowers and bouquets will please your loved ones for a llong time.

Hello and welcome to our new online flower shop. Since we continually try to improve our services, we have innovated not only our design, but we also offer many new benefits and greater convenience for your purchases. Be charmed by the beauty of flowers and please your loved ones. We believe that you will further enjoy your shopping in our online shop.

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Online florist

A creative floral studio La Florista - a flower service specialist – is a company founded in May 2006. Throughout the time we have been building a reputation in the flower market, we cooperate with significant customers from both corporate and private sectors, many of them have become our regular customers. We appreciate such customers very much and we believe that in the field of flowers we can  offer exactly what they are looking for. 

Our team consists of enthusiastic florists, educated in their field, always willing to help you.

Our motto: „Customers and flowers first.“  

La Florista - online kvetinarstvi

Since only beautiful and fresh flowers are the guarantee of customer satisfaction, we always make sure that we stick to our principles. We devote a maximum care to flowers and we believe that satisfied customers will often return. We also believe that a satisfied customer is the best and well appreciated sort of advertising and they will continue recommending us to their friends and colleagues.

We always try to be: 

  • Professional - people in our team are carefully selected, we keep their high standard by visiting specialized seminars and trainings.
  • Creative - we follow the latest fashion trends, we are not afraid to experiment, though at the same time, we honour the classics. We can always surprise you and those you are buying flowers for.
  • Original – we always offer something new, original, something that charms.
  • We respect nature - we work with natural materials, as flowers, together with them, can excel in their full beauty.
  • Reliable – we stick to whatever we promise. We work well and quickly.
  • Precise - we take our work seriously and our bouquets are perfect.
  • Available - choose the method that suits you. Purchase flowers online at www.online-kvetiny.cz,  call us at 222 322 388, send an e-mail to info@laflorista.cz or visit our store personally at the Danube House. You are all very welcome.
  • Flexible – we will adjust to all your requirements – let us show you!

Our goal is your satisfaction, and therefore we will pamper you so that you would return as often as possible. It is said that flowers speak the world´s most beautiful language, speak the language with us. 

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A Golf Bouquet

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Price 1399,- Kč

An Orange Royal Sceptre

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Price 530,- Kč

Deep Emotions in Roses

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Price 1240,- Kč

Red Roses

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Price 1725,- Kč
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Karolinská 650 / 1
Praha 8 - Karlín

Tel.: +420 222 322 388
E-mail: info@laflorista.cz

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pondělí-pátek 10-18 hod nebo dle domluvy

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